Mean and moody: Marcelo Demarco – Don’t Look Behind #techno #NewMusic #electronic #dark

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Back in the day Dave Clarke was my go to artist for deep dark techno with a moody swagger. Here’s Marcelo Demarco ploughing that same furrow to maximum effect. Don’t Look Behind is the lead track from a new two-track EP. And it’s one moody f*cker. There’s a deliciously dark oily swagger about this track. A properly realised sense of aggravation and anticipation. But it’s not all thundering beats. It actually manages a pretty neat lead line to have a sense of melody to go along with the menace. Just don’t venture down dark alleys with it. Just saying.

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Mixcloud Episode 015


1 Visions In Black - Marcelo Demarco
2 Crateca - Edo Messina
3 Passing By (Lutzenkirchen Remix) - Roland Romer & Ill Boy Phil
4 This Girl - Nick Curly
5 Dub Luv (Steve Mulder Remix) - Emanuele Inglese
6 Infinite - Raul Facio
7 Blow This - Dani Sbert
8 Make Me Feel (Pulse Plant Remix) - Gaston Zani
9 Lichtspektrum - Marcelo Demarco
10 Inside Out - Victor Ruiz & Drunken Kong


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